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  • Decorative interior products

    • Sound Absorption

    • Sound Diffusion

    • Sound Reflection

    • Noise Control Application

  • Fabric and Vinyl

  • 3D Forms and Shapes

  • Wood


Product: Acoustech High Impact Panels

Finish: Guilford FR701 Series

Fastener: Z-Clip

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  • Custom Acoustical Ceiling and Wall Panels

    • ​Absorptive Panels
    • Reflectors and Diffusers
    • Fabric Ceiling Systems

    • Painted and Vinyl Finishes

    • Clouds and Baffles


Product: Respond Baffles

Finish: Guilford 701 Series Fabric

Location: California

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  • Acoustics (Ceilings and Walls)

  • Wood

  • LightFrame

  • Fabric

Vancouver International Airport

Product: Clean Air Claro Clouds

Finish: Claro White

Location: Canada

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Texas Locker Room.jpg
  • Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels for Ceiling and Wall Applications

    • Direct Attached​

    • Lay-In Panels

    • Specialty Panels

    • Custom Shapes and Sizes​

Westmoreland 911

Product: Custom Shaped Wood Fiber Panel

Finish: Custom Colors

Location: Pennsylvania

  • Stretched PVC Ceilings

  • Interior and Exterior

    • Matte, Satin, Lacquered, Mirror and Translucent Finishes

  • Perforated for Acoustics

  • Backlit Panels

  • High Custom Designs

Georgia Aquarium Oceans-Ballroom-Reception.jpg
Georgia Aquarium

Product: PVC Stretched Ceilings - Ribbon Wave

Finish: White

Location: Atlanta, GA

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